The most powerful declaration of the reason I am here and my final argument about what I aspire to bring to the world.

What is your story?

I realized that we are numbed. We are stuck in our lives, in our routine, for our comfort and convenience. We have eyes that cannot see, ears that cannot listen and hearts that cannot feel.

We are moving away from ourselves and others.

I’m here to resist. We need to wake up.

We need to meet people, have truthful relations, expose more of ourselves, give more of ourselves, better understand people's reality, be more sensitive to sufferings and share stories. 

Stories bring light in the shadows of conformism, inside the stories we are explorers, wizards, masters, heroes and heroines. They show us the best and worst existing in ourselves.  

We are connected to our humanity through stories. It awakens within ourselves.

Stand up, look someone in the eyes, talk to strangers, shoot candid rather than posed photos, experience new cultures and new contexts, practice new perspectives, tell someone what you are feeling, get outside from yourself, arouse your roots. 

Use the talents you have to change the life of people around you. Connect your story to other people’s.

Perhaps then we might realize that all narratives in the world are, in fact, only one great story, where all of us are protagonists and heroes.

What's your story?